To safeguard children, Prop 64 proposes the toughest regulations of any adult-use marijuana initiative anywhere in the nation. The rules are designed to ensure that marijuana is not advertised or marketed to children, and that children cannot access marijuana through an illicit market. After all, drug dealers don’t check IDs, and can sell marijuana laced with dangerous drugs and chemicals. 

Here are Prop 64’s regulations to keep marijuana away from children:

  • Allows adults aged 21 and over to purchase marijuana only at highly regulated, licensed marijuana businesses. Liquor stores and grocery stores will not sell marijuana. Nobody under the age of 21 will be allowed to enter licensed marijuana businesses, and they cannot be located next to schools. Adults may consume marijuana in private, but not in public places.
  • Bans marijuana advertising and marketing directed at children.
  • Requires strict product labeling, with clear warnings that the product contains marijuana and should be kept away from children.
  • Requires all marijuana be sold in childproof, resealable packaging.
  • Bans the production of edible marijuana products that appeal to children.

To give children the tools to stay safe and healthy, Prop 64 will fund reliable drug education, prevention and treatment programs aimed at teens, including afterschool programs that help kids stay in school. These programs represent a strong investment for public health in California, and will fill a void in schools and communities by funding real efforts to combat all substance abuse. Prop 64 generates up to $1 billion in new tax revenue annually, with a majority of funds going to these programs.

“This measure implements the toughest child safeguards in the nation and dedicates a majority of the revenues from new marijuana taxes to important public health, education and prevention programs focused on kids." – Marsha Rosenbaum, PhD, Co-Chair, Youth Education and Prevention Working Group, Blue Ribbon Commission on Marijuana Policy

“It is ultimately better for public health, for law and order and for society if marijuana is a legal, regulated and controlled product for adults.”  – Los Angeles Times Editorial, “It’s Time to Legalize Marijuana in California. Yes on Proposition 64.” September 16, 2016